About the company

We bring our clients’ vision to life.


Lepidolite – specialized in producing marketing accessories – was established at 2015. The company is headed by a development team which aims to produce marketing items in the client’s language. Starting with the concept, through providing a production solution and ending with the highest level of finish.


Our main motto  is

“There is nothing that can’t be produced”


The company is willing to face every production and marketing challenge and to provide customers with top quality products suited to the unique marketing needs.

Our Chinese subsidiary have a dedicated team ensuring the quality of our products.
Our exclusive agreement with big factories is in various specialties (Glass, Textile, Plastic, Inflatable, etc.), enables us to get the best price with top
quality products.

Ziki  Hirsberg


Founder and CEO

Ziki has an extensive experience in developing a wide range of products. His vision is to create a company that brings innovation, efficiency and fun into our lives.

With his comprehensive knowledge & vision in the alcohol business, Ziki focuses on products that make working easier and more efficient as well as products that enhance the drinking experience for the customers.

Kevin Tu


Chinese Subsidiary Manager

Kevin has a broad knowledge of the production process, and is managing the company’s operation in China. He controls the production from the moment he gets the client’s order specification. He picks the right factory, negotiates the best price & assures the best quality.

Kevin has a BA in production management. He worked for some of the biggest factories in China.

Company customers